University of Central Florida at Atlanta Spring Summit

On April 21st, our University of Central Florida YAL chapter made a long journey through the day and night into Atlanta for the final spring summit. 9 members of our chapter could attend, and it was an incredible experience for everyone.

President Cliff Maloney set the tone right at the start, with his mantra of #MakeLibertyWin a constant theme throughout the conference. We learned so much from Ty Hicks on communication and persuasion, and his infectious energy got us ready for a day of liberty. The great Stephen Rower of the Leadership Institute made us laugh, while teaching us some great tips on “iPhone Activism” and viral videos! Glenn “Kane” Jacobs wowed the crowd with his dynamic spirit and incredible life story.

Of course, the highlight had to be the amazing as always Senator Rand Paul. Standing ovations, every time. Every speech he makes always seems too short, but at least we all got great photos with him!

Besides the speakers, talking to the amazing sponsors, groups, and vendors gave us some awesome information (and tons of free swag). The free speech wall was certainly something, and the food was good too! (always important).

Attending this regional conference was an unforgettable experience for the chapter. Connecting and bonding with fellow YAL members and staff from across the region was fantastic, and we left with more new resources, ideas, and information than we could possibly have imagined.

This was a great end to the spring semester, and we have so much planned for the semesters to come. Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter at @YALUCF! #MakeLibertyWin #ChargeOn



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