University of Central Florida Constitution Week

YAL @ UCF hosted a Constitution Week activism event on Wednesday, Sept. 17. In preparation the weekend before the event, the chapter got together to build a free speech wall. This was actually quite the experience for all of us since most of the individuals who helped with building the wall did not have prior experience in building much of anything.

Through team work, diligence, and the help of the stipend YAL national gave us (which we are thankful for), we managed to construct a decent free speech wall.

YAL Building Speech Wall

YAL Building Speech Wall2

YAL Building Speech Wall3

Despite a brief run-in with campus staff before setting up, the rest of our activism event and protest went off without a hitch! Two university media groups came to cover our free speech wall and protest! YAL passed out more than half of our inventory of pocket constitutions and managed to fill up our free speech wall.

YAL also was able to make many students more aware of the free assembly/speech zones. Students were happy to receive pocket constitutions and loved the concept of our free speech wall.

Free Speech


We scored coverage in our campus newspaper for our efforts:

Although the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech and expression, some students feel as if their speech is limited in free-speech zones on campus.

Students of the Young Americans for Liberty at UCF are standing up for their rights, and reminding others that they have the right to be heard.

On Wednesday, YAL created a free-speech wall in protest of the effects of free-assembly zones. Students were given the opportunity to write their ideas and opinions on the wall, with no censorship.

In addition to passing out pocket constitutions, I interviewed a few people on their opinions regarding the free speech/assembly zones. I got opinions that ranged from being in favor of the zones to being neutral and against the zones. Interviewing various students was one of my favorite parts of the event because I was able to not only talk one-on-one about the importance of freedom of speech/assembly, but also to connect with other students.

Check out videos of these interviews below!

All in all, YAL @ UCF had a very successful and fun activism event. This is just the beginning of what YAL @ UCF will do to fight against the ridiculous speech codes at our university.

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