University of Chicago Visualizes the Debt

Tabling Setup

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Chicago helped our fellow students see the impact of the Federal Government’s spending addiction with a Visualize the Debt display. Throughout the day on Tuesday, YAL members tabled, explaining both the danger of the national debt and how the cause is spending and not insufficient tax revenue. In addition to talking to students, YAL handed out copies of both the Constitution and Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. As you know, the Constitution is YAL’s “special interest,” and Economics in One Lesson is one of the most thorough yet easy to understand treatises on economics. If we followed the lessons of those two books, the National Debt would not be over 100% of GDP.

At the end of the day, the banner with the National Debt and the Total Debt per Taxpayer was taken to the Reynolds Club, the student union at the University of Chicago. There, it was hung up and I declared that the banner will remain hanging until the national debt is eliminated. This will serve as a reminder to students of the consequences of run away spending as they prepare themselves to enter the real world and become taxpayers.

National Debt Poster Hangs in Reynolds Club

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