University of Cincinnati Student Organization Fair

This year was the first time tabling at the student organization fair for the active members of our YAL chapter. With the help of YAL National and Advocates for Self-Government, our recruitment drive turned out to be a huge success! We were able to use the supplies to sign up 30 new members in just two hours.

UCYAL Org Fair 1

Using the Politically Homeless quiz, we were able to successfully market ourselves to many of the non-political students on campus as THE alternative to the two party system. After introducing the idea of liberty, we promoted our group as a place for students to come discuss politics (liberty) in a welcoming atmosphere. I’ve only been a part of the liberty movement for less than two years, so I still feel strongly about reaching out to all demographics and political parties to reach those that just need to hear the ideas for the first time.

 UCYAL Org Fair 2

In the end we enjoyed talking to students about liberty and seeing the enthusiasm from the student body.  We met many liberty sympathizers and liberty advocates that were thrilled to get involved, and even convinced a student who scored “Statist” on his quiz to sign up!

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