University of Dayton Year End Report

Generation of War Table

It was a great year for the liberty movement on the campus of the University of Dayton. We are far more organized than we were at this point last year, and we are becoming better known among the student body thanks to our presence at tabling events Generation of War, which garnered much interest and ignited several lively discussions on the issue.

As this year closes, it brings a stark reminder that our journey is not over here at UD. For YAL to continue to have an impact on this campus for years after we leave, we have to be ready to be out there as much as possible tabling and raising awareness about liberty and issues that hit close to home with our fellow students, like the ongoing wars and internet freedom.

As we rest over the summer and a new class of Flyers comes to campus, we must keep strong and true to our message and remember that most of them are already libertarians —they just don’t know it yet.

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