University of Delaware Tries Out Free Speech Ball

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Delaware have great success with free speech events on campus. With a central green providing a flowing stream of traffic getting students to sign a wall is as easy as asking. Last year our fledgling chapter got over 80 signups. The free speech ball makes it even easier this year, half the time our chapter rolls into students to ask them to sign the six foot multi color beach ball residing on the usually peaceful green.

This took an hour with a hand pump

In fact the free speech ball was so successful our President Jason Stewart was late to the after meeting scheduled for 7 pm in a nearby classroom. Students kept coming up in large groups asking to sign up and write on the ball even as the chapter was cleaning up the signup table candy and materials. Rest assured, our Vice President, Aaron Cooper, Social Media Chair, Mike Ashley, and Secretary Zach Howell were able to hold down the fort at the meeting.

Our ball got the most attention at lunch and dinner time, when students fresh out of class were asked to “have the balls to sign the ball,” (this lead to some interesting conversations with a group of feminists who have been regulars to the chapters meetings since. Not sure if I recommend the pitch but try it out and see how your campus responds). A couple more suggestions, invest in an air pump as the set up took over an hour just blowing up the ball and do not use washable markers as the ink just smears and washes away.

Jason Shrugs

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