University of Delaware’s Constitution Week Free Speech Wall

Two weeks ago, bright and early Thursday morning, YAL @ the University of Delaware set up our Free Speech Wall!

 The wall part 1

The design was cheap, easy, and required minimum set up. We bought a large plywood board, a slightly larger cloth tarp, and variously colored markers. We then pinned the cloth to the board and placed it against our supply table.

We then encouraged a campus that had not too long ago been the fourth most politically apathetic school in the country (by the Princeton review) to speak their mind!

We yelled to the crowds of students and professors walking to class. While the signings started off slow, by the end of the day the wall had hundreds of statements and YAL had 80 new sign-ups! Even professors joined in.

We at UD hope to continue with this great momentum for the rest of the semester and school year!

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