University of Hawaii at Manoa — Recruitment Drive!

This past week, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa chapter had its spring recruitment drive with the new recruitment kit!

Clarke reaching out

In addition to the items that we got in the kit, we decided to talk about the success that Sandy Springs has been experiencing! A representative from the local free-market think tank called the Grassroots Institute came to give a presentation on his experiences when he recently came to see the success of our town for himself.

Looking at publications

We got lots of great feedback from people all across the political spectrum interested in where they fit in the political chart and how Sandy Springs came to be one of the most fiscally sustainable and efficient places here in the United States.

Does she support liberty?

Here in Hawaii where we are facing an impending economic crisis, where we are going to have to address the growing issue of unfunded liabilities, people were interested to hear how we could possibly solve this problem in the near future. It goes to show that many of the problems that we face are not necessarily hard to solve, the solutions are just difficult to implement. Our club plans to change that by being a firm voice for the people who believe in liberty in this state.

Sandy Springs, GASandy Springs: The town that privatized nearly everything

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