University of Iowa YAL spreads the message of liberty in Iowa City

While Iowa City is known for being a liberal stronghold, YAL at the University of Iowa took the Iowa Memorial Union demonstrated the values of economic freedom and civil liberties. Thanks to the Jenga-nomics activism kit, Hawkeyes saw how forced redistribution can lead to a big loud crash.


We attracted people to our table with offerings of candy bars and interesting literature. Participants had answer trivia questions about the Constitution. If the participants got the trivia questions right they got a chance to move a jenga block. While they were moving the block, we explained how distribution does not create wealth (or in this case blocks) but causes the economy to become unstable eventually leading to a crash. For those who completed the tasks, they were rewarded with candy, copies of After the Welfare State and the Economics of Freedom, and YAL swag. Participants who did not complete all the tasks were still rewarded with smaller pieces of candy and YAL pocket Constitutions.

Tabling 2

Jenga-nomics also provided a great opportunity for our chapter to gather petitions banning the use of traffic surveillance cameras, red light cameras, and drones in Iowa City! We also took advantage of a public chalkboard to express our opinion concerning a certain Senator from Kentucky.

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