University of Kansas Joins Fight for Economic Freedom


Liberty-minded Jayhawks braved the sub-freezing wind chills of late February to go out and educate students on economics.  By combining both the Crony Capitalism and the Jenganomics activism kits, we were able to engage them in valuable questions asking them either to play Jenga with us or by greeting them and handing them a flyer about who we were. We then proceeded with some thought provoking questions:

  • “Is it right to steal from the rich to give to the poor?”
  • “Do you feel like the redistribution of wealth helps you as a student?”
  • “If the Jenga tower represents the American economy, why do you think it falls?”
  • “What is the best solution for the American debt/deficit problem?”


It seems that KU YAL has lucked out by strategically grabbing students interested in other tables nearby. Last semester, we were sandwiched between a pro-life and pro-choice group during Constitution Week. This time we strategically placed our table next a student group with plenty of hot chocolate. Not only did that keep our group members going, but fellow classmates were more likely to stop in the cold and cloudy weather. Score!


Despite the double whammy snowstorms delaying our tabling and limiting it to only one day, fellow KU YAL members managed to gather at a tabling planning meeting just the night before the big recruitment day. The brainstorming  session soon led to the action necessary to cater to our audience and valuable last minute publicity about our tabling event. The result paid off! 


We completely remade three pieces of plywood and a few hinges and turned it into an oversized, science experiment display board in the name of Economic Freedom, had all the goodies (stickers, magazines, books, flyers, constitutions) spread around the table, and made sure the table was going to be fully staffed ahead of time after working.


Our newly-elected freshman Vice-President, Joshua Christian, was in charge of making sure the table was staffed by at least one person at all times, and tabled all 4 hours on campus, helped set-up AND helped tear it all down. As of this spring, he joins freshman President Laurissa Marcotte marking the 1st time in KU YAL history in which both our President and Vice-President positions have been filled by freshmen!

By the numbers:

  • 100s of flyers handed out 
  • 25 new sign ups
  • 17 degree wind chill
  • 12 members in attendance in meeting after tabling
  • 4 hours
  • 3 new officer positions on the ballot in this week’s election
  • 1/2 officer leadership comprised of freshmen
  • 2x meeting attendance from this time last year

The rest of this semester is packed! With March being ‘Generation of War’, we’ll be hosting a Veteran’s Panel to talk about anti-war activism after Spring Break. In addition to the Kansas State YAL Convention in April, KU YAL is planning THREE major events sure to capture the attention of fellow students to grow and expand the liberty movement for Kansas and the South-Central Region.

We’re just getting started.


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