University of Kansas Spring 2013 Report

Thanks KU-YAL

I’m a big fan of throwing out a good idea and watching it catch on.  As the KU chapter Historian, I’m also excited to see legacies in the making.  For our final meeting we were able to showcase some of the great work that our members were a part of in just one semester and of course, it is amazing to see how much we were able to get done.

Make a powerpoint of your chapter progress and make some memories!  Feel free to use the attached document as stepping-off point.

I would highly recommend to all chapters that you not only document your activities for the benefit of others nationally but also so that your future chapter leaders can learn and grow from your example.

Now, I am by no means a master of presentations so I hope to be outdone (note that this uses a lot of YAL source material).  I also like the idea of emailing this to your allies and potential donors. Don’t be like us: Take lots of pictures so you have ample source material when this time of year roles around.  Include links to blogs, video, and albums to enhance this virtual time capsule.

We thank all YAL members who made a name for themselves on their campus and in their community this year.

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