University of Kansas: Trip to SFL Confrence in Dallas TX

Student Leader Panel with Anthony Orwick

Above, YAL’s Anthony Orwick is seen second from the right.

This weekend five students from the University of Kansas traveled down to the SFL Regional Confrence in Dallas to continue the fight for liberty. Lara Jeffery, Laurissa Marcotte, Josh Mccleary, Anthony Orwick and myself (David Conway). This was a great event. 

James W. Lark was one of the key speakers at the event and one of our personal favorites.  James is a professor at University of Virginia, and he gave a great speech on converting people to the liberty message. There were also break-out sessions. We all attended Corie Whalen’s session, where she talked about great activism ideas on campus. Anthony Orwick (YAL Kansas State Chair) was on a panel talking about not giving up and having quality members in your group as opposed to a large quantity of mediocre activists. 

The night ended with drinking and debate among liberty minded activists!

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