University of Kansas YAL Fighting for a Fairer Tax

The Univeristy of Kansas (KU) Young Americans for Liberty partnered with some coalition friends and allies on April 2nd to advocate for a fairer, better tax system. YALKU was working with the Kansas Policy Institute, the Douglas County Republicans, and the Kansas Sovereignty Coalition to sponsor a discussion and forum related to the various tax proposals on the floor of the Kansas Legislative. This includes the reduction of the Income Tax (in increments until the Income Tax is eliminated entirely), the Fair Tax proposal, and other suggestions that are brought up during the forum that are related to the primary discussions.

Discussion on the Economics of Tax Reform

Featured speakers include our own sponsor and renowned Professor of Economics at the University of Kansas, Art Hall, and two other speakers from Kansas Policy Institute (KPI): Todd Davidson and David Trabert, who is also the President of KPI. Our panel discussion and general forum portion included Steven Anderson, the Kansas Budget Director, Senator Ty Masterson, Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and Kansas Secretary of Revenue, Nick Jordan. Other notable individuals showed up, including the entire event being MC’d by Jim Mullins, as well as three other state legislators.

Policy Experts in the Forum

The beginning speeches set the tone for the event in general, starting with Professor Hall, who spoke about the relation to improving the economy through cutting taxes and how high taxes are unsustainable, whereas lower taxes are very sustainable. Professor Hall was followed by President of KPI, Dave Trabert, who discussed methods of cutting spending and doing it in a way that government services are made more efficient, therefore better, and not cut to the degree that it significantly removes elementary public good services provided by the government. KPI Fiscal Policy Analyst Todd Davidson spoke about differing methods of economic models used to project the usefulness of a tax reduction in improving the economy, specifically the use of the Static and the Dynamic Models.

Government Officials in the Forum

After our featured speakers set the tone for the event, and generally improved the basic knowledge of the event’s subject matter, the discussion was opened to allow questions to our representatives from the government to discuss the Fair Tax, and various other tax methods on the floor, and proposed by the local political groups.

But, for a far more detailed look into what each individual said, you can look at the attached videos below, which are in chronological order. Our coalition partner, the Douglas County Republican Party, videoed the entire event and split it up into the different segments.

Young Americans for Liberty, University of Kansas Chapter was overall, very pleased with how the event went. The evening was eventful, with lively discussion from the audience and with thoughtful and provoking discussion about local politics and the economics of tax reform. We created strong coalition partners, and learned a great deal with the event. We feel that this event really had substance, offering education on issues that really effected the community at large, and based in a situation that isn’t only theoretically real, but actually taking place at the very moment.

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