University of Minnesota Fights for Free Speech

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, had a great week promoting free speech on campus. Standing in the most-trafficked part of campus, members of our chapter encouraged passers-by to express themselves on the free speech ball, to nearly universal positive reaction by students. We also circulated a petition where students could endorse the Chicago principles of free speech, a particularly hot topic here at the U because a resolution to adopt those principles is standing before our Faculty Senate.


Over the course of the 6 hours we stood on the mall, we encountered all manner of people, from all parts of the political spectrum who were supportive of our efforts. From the girl who wrote “Full Communism Now!” on the side of our ball after learning we were a libertarian group to the multitude of encouraging phrases written over the course of the day, we attracted attention and support from nearly everyone in our effort. 

To cap off our free speech day and the advertising we had done leading up to that point, we screened the new documentary on Free Speech called “Can We Take a Joke?” in a classroom in the heart of campus. After the documentary, we had a discussion on how to promote free speech everywhere in life, and how we could work to raise awareness on the importance of free speech on college campuses.
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