University of Minnesota YAL Gains New Members from Recruitment Drive!


The beginning of the semester has been a busy one for Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (YALUMN), but it has also been a huge success in gaining new members thanks to amazing recruitment efforts on campus!


Before the semester officially began, YALUMN tabled at Explore U, an activities fair aimed at incoming freshmen on campus, with huge successes! We gathered nearly 70 emails from students interested in liberty and handed out 160 flyers with information about our first meeting on it.

Students absolutely loved taking pictures with the one and only, Ron Paul, as well! This seemed to really get students excited about our group, and was a real crowd pleaser. Along with pictures with Ron Paul, we were also using the World’s Smallest Political Quiz in order to identify students that were not sure where they aligned on the political spectrum!

Even after Explore U was finished, our recruitment efforts continued on until our first official meeting. A few days after Explore U, returning YALUMN members had a closed meeting to take to Facebook to digitally canvas with Facebook’s Graph Search feature. After we exhausted all keywords we could think of and messaged all of the liberty-leaning students we found, the responses started coming in. In total, we reached roughly 30 students from Graph Search, with a few responding saying they were interested in our group. (One person we messaged even found me at a later recruitment event to tell me he got our message!)
The day before our first meeting, we made sure to contact all of the sign-ups that we made in our recruitment efforts. Using our newly created MailChimp account, we sent out our first email of the year, reminding our mailing list about our first meeting, directing them to our Facebook Event for the meeting, and that there would be FREE PIZZA at it. (Thanks YAL National!) YALUMN also called through all of the sign-ups from Explore U as a second reminder the night before our first meeting.

The day of our first meeting, we were still recruiting. I, along with a few members from our group, handed out 200 flyers in high-traffic areas to attract last minute students to our event.
Finally, our first meeting was upon us.
The turnout for our first meeting was incredible! Over 35 people were in attendance, with more than half of them being new faces. This was refreshing to see new faces that are also passionate about liberty.
The attendees of the meeting loved the free pizza that we had.
Our meeting consisted of welcoming the new members by asking people their name, how they found out about YAL, and what their favorite class of the semester was. This both helped us learn the new members’ names, as well as find out what recruitment techniques worked the best. (Explore U had, by far, the most responses from the new members, but flyering came in a close second.) After we were done getting to know each other, I gave a small presentation welcoming the new members to YAL and promoting upcoming events.

All in all, I would say this year’s recruitment was a huge success and I am looking forward to the endless possibilities this year brings for YALUMN!
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