University of Missouri Uses a Drone to Kick off Generation of War

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Missouri was hard at work during the month of March. We kicked off March’s “Generation of War” events, by showing the award-winning documentary “Why We Fight”, which examines the United States’ foreign interventions, to lecture hall full of students and liberty activists. The film was edifying, and the conversation after the showing was stimulating.
Later in the month, our chapter invited two speakers to campus for discussions about the U.S. government’s increased use of drone attacks and the perversity of the U.S.’ current foreign policy, as seen through the eyes of a libertarian. The first speaker, Jeff Stack, the coordinator at Mid-Missouri Fellowship on Reconciliation, on March 14, gave detailed exposition to students, members of the anti-war left, and Young Americans for Liberty members highlighting the victims of drone attacks.
The second speaker, Cisse Spragins, Missouri State Chair for the Libertarian Party, explained to an even larger group about what the Libertarian Party’s stance is regarding U.S. foreign policy. Membership at the speaking events steadily increased, culminating in 20 attendees for Spragins’s talk. Like the Stack’s talk, the Spragins talk ended with a great discussion about how libertarians and conservatives can work together with the anti-war left for a common cause: rolling back the military-industrial-complex.
The month ended in a crescendo. Toward the end of March, interspersed between the Stack and Spragin’s discussion, YAL at the University of Missouri used a Replica MQ-9 Reaper drone on the campus quad to demonstrate against both the proliferation of attack drones and the continued belligerency of U.S. foreign policy. The demonstration created quite a buzz on campus—earning press from the College Fix, a web-based newspaper, our university’s college newspaper, and
The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at MU had a great month of March, and it hopes to have an even better April. It has a couple of great ideas for events for the April activism month, so all of the other YAL chapters better beware!
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