University of Nebraska-Omaha’s War on Youth Tabling Event


You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and I think we’d get a lot of members if all we had was good news, unfortunately $150 grand in debt is not honey to anyone’s ears.

Still, the message needed delivering and that’s what we did at UNO’s Milo Bail student center this spring. We got some negative attention, but many students were happy to see us. Probably the most memorable moments was when a staff member, who allegedly was the director of multicultural affairs, claimed we wouldn’t be doing this activism if we had a white president.

Would I be doing this if I were a college student during the Bush administration? You betcha. What this little encounter taught me is that Obama has a shield of political correctness around him that other presidents never had.

I don’t know if I’d repeat this event at UNO in the future — we are a commuter school and very few people just hang around. Most people are headed to class, lunch, work, or home and don’t really care to stop and play bear pong, especially when it is accompanied by an Obama-head deflection and bad news about debt.

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