University of Oregon Restore the 4th

On Monday, October 23rd, our chapter executed our Restore the 4th Event. Leaders and members of our chapter participated in handing out materials related to government surveillance and online privacy. We would ask passing students if they valued their privacy, and those who said no or that they didn’t care gave us the opportunity to ask further questions (i.e. “Why not?” or “Would you care if the government was watching you in your home without your knowledge?”).

We also made use of materials from the Activism Kit including a quiz charting students opinions on liberty vs. security in different areas of government surveillance.

Over the course of the event, we gained new signups and were able to engage multiple students in conversation about issues of government surveillance and the 4th amendment. All in all, it was a great opportunity to raise awareness about liberty and make our chapter’s presence on campus more known.


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