University of Pittsburgh YAL Generations of War

On Wednesday, January 31st, Pitt students heading to Market (school cafeteria) were greeted by an army of proud libertarian students. As they walked by they noticed a map. It was a map of the Middle East. An unusual sight but little did they know these students were bringing attention to important issue—the constant and problematic presence of US military intervention abroad.

To prove this point students “pinned the tail on the warzone”. As the day progressed the map became increasingly littered with stickers showing were the US has a military presence. This presence ranges from troops, drones, to bases.

We as libertarians know the consequences of our foreign policy. A foreign policy that creates soaring deficits, higher taxes, an unstable world, and often breeds terrorists. The table aroused the attention of students and some signed up for our email list and were eager to attend future meetings. A meeting was held that same day at 9pm in Lawrence Hall 105 on war theory and a history of wars in the US. A group of over 20 students debated the merits of all US wars. The discussion was lively and the meeting didn’t end till 10:30 pm.

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