University of Richmond Spiderfest

On Thursday, September 5th, the University of Richmond held its annual Student Organization Fair, commonly known as Spiderfest. The Young Americans for Liberty chapter on campus was established last winter, meaning this was our first shot at Fall Recruitment. With the help of the YAL Recruitment Kits, we made a splash.

Table Set-Up

When it came time to table, the UR YAL execs took charge. We had one or two people in front of the table actively engaging passersby at all times. One person manned the computer to quickly enter the names and e-mails of interested people. In all, we had 18 solid sign-ups. With a school of only 3,000 people, that is not too shabby.

Active Tabling

The flyers we printed were successful in catching people’s attention, in addition to the numerous pocket Constitutions, buttons, and pamphlets. Asking “Do you know about the liberty movement?” engaged many people. Sometimes people had no idea that any third parties existed. On the other end of the spectrum, we had one student come up to our table wearing a Reagan shirt with an American flag.

When we were tabling, we tried especially hard to advertise our first meeting, which was happening 1 hour after the end of Spiderfest. We even asked people what kind of pizza they like most in hopes that would encourage them to come.

Our meeting rolled around and we had 10 people show up, not counting the 3 execs. Most of the attendees were freshman, which was great! The PowerPoint we presented was made with a freshman audience in mind. It encouraged them to look at the opportunities our club can offer them and how the execs and returning members can support them.

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How we explain liberty

The meeting ended with pizza, chips, and soda. We’ve decided to keep meetings weekly with less lecture and more discussion. I already have a room reserved for the meeting next Thursday where we will start talking about our Free Speech Wall. Here’s to a great start to the year!

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