University of Scranton recruitment drive

On Friday the University of Scranton held its annual club fair. Out of the roughly 200 people who toured the club fair, the YAL received 26 sign ups. Many of the people who signed up seemed to be fairly dedicated to the cause. Early in the day we were very slow on sign ups — mainly due to the scorching heat — but as the day went on we got plenty of signups. Thanks to Conor Cummings, our very charismatic and friendly chapter VP, we caught the ear of many students and staff passing by. We handed out roughly 35 pocket constitutions! Also with the help of Zoe Callaway we even reached out and connected with the College Republicans club!

To us this was a great turnout considering we are simply three college freshmen running a University student organization. We hope to hold weekly meetings this semester in order to expand our roster of members. We also hope to educate many of the students on the importance of this election, and really stress how important it is to go out and vote.

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