University of Scranton Recruitment Drive

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Scranton had an amazing turn-out during our first involvement fair. We had more than 60 motivated students sign up for the club and handed out over 100 information flyers to highly interested students!  Needless to say we expect big things this year. 

We utilized Operation Politically Homeless to attract attention at our table and students flocked to take the short quiz.  Students found the quiz enjoyable and entertaining while we described what YAL does and values. When students scored themselves they were pleasantly surprised they didn’t measure up where they expected; either in the “Democratic” or “Republican” spectrum, but rather they found themselves in the “libertarian” spectrum. The students and our volunteers had a great time discussing YAL and liberty and we can’t wait to have our first meeting and our future activism events.  The University of Scranton better be ready for liberty to rise!

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