University of Scranton Visualize the Debt

The University of Scranton’s Visualize the Debt event came together quite nicely, especially when one considers the week before was Spring Break. With the help of College Republicans, we had some people take time out of their much-needed vacation to get things done.

We figured that having a huge display was not enough to grab people’s attention. So, we thought, why not grab a baby pool and fill it up with worthless paper money?  …well, other worthless paper money than our national currency.  So we printed out a few thousand sheets of money, cut them up and filled the pool. Then, to add to the fun, we decided to get people to go digging through that pool for some red tickets, which were good for a raffle where the prize was an ounce of silver. The catch was that to get this prize one had to be present at our screening of IOUSA (we had already screened the American Dream a few weeks before.) People came, dug around for tickets, asked about the debt, and about silver. Someone even thought it’d be a good idea to give us a bullhorn and attract more people.  Needless to say, we got the attention of most of the campus.

Figuring this wasn’t enough, we decided to talk to the local Tea Party people, and were asked to speak at a rally.  Of course we brought our large display, and made some speeches. YAL member and College Republicans President Mike Mulraney made a speech, along with YAL Scranton’s first president Fernando Ardila, and the newly-elected chapter president Dave Perez. Next stop, we think we will show up to the post office with our debt clock come Tuesday.

some of the crew

Baby pool

baby pool 2

A winner

Dave's speech

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