University of South Carolina – Sumter First Recruitment Drive

On Wednesday September 21st, the newly established YAL chapter at USC Sumter held its first recruitment drive. While we are still not officially recognized by the college, although we should be soon, we were allowed to set up a table and recruit for a few hours with the other clubs on campus.

Because the campus is so small, most of the other clubs are not very well established with official materials and professional displays. With the official materials provided to us by YAL, our table was able to easily stand out and attract a lot of attention from students. By actively asking students to take our political quiz to figure out their political philosophy, we found many people who did not even know what libertarianism was let alone that they were one!

Overall, the event was very successful. In fact, so many people took our political quiz that I had to run over to the library to print out a bunch of extra copies! We distributed a lot of materials and informed as many people as we could about our next meeting and why they should come regardless of their results. Hopefully we can continue to have this kind of success with future events!

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