University of South Florida’s Constitution Day

The University of South Florida chapter held our Constitution Day event this past Tuesday. We passed out Constitutions with fliers detailing our next meeting time and started conversations with students by asking them which amendment to the Constitution they felt was most important and why. Most people said “oh, I can’t remember all of them,” so we handed each person a flier with the 27 amendments listed. Almost everyone said they liked the first amendment to the Constitution most — probably because it is the most widely known. 

However, despite the very generic answers we were getting, a few people had positive remarks.

For example, when passing a Constitution to one girl she looked at it and said “everyone needs one of these right?” and then added, “at least every U.S. citizen.” 

Another girl turned to us and said “my boyfriend and I read this together when he became a U.S citizen.” Awwww, now isn’t that sweet. 

Constitution Day

Video footage will be posted shortly; we are in the editing process.

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