University of Toledo YAL defends the youth!!

This is Us

This April, the University of Toledo Young Americans for Liberty prepared our defenses and our equipment to defend the youth of Toledo Ohio from the constant assault of big government on their lives.  

Complete Chart

Our main weapon was our Nolan Chart, which over time showed the true colors of how libertarian and conservative the University of Toledo really is. Our next weapon was our massive debt pong, which unfortunately few people played. Our final weapon, which we didn’t use quite right, was the giant Obama head. Instead of using it to block the shots we hung the face up and had him say he was a bad president. Unfortunately this strategy was not the best: A few conservatives saw the head and thought we were Obummer fans! 

Our Set-Up

The event went well and our chart was full. We had a local new station, WNWO, stop in, and we spoke with Richard May, a congressional representative, and Bill Delaney, a Republican State Central Committeeman. The event increased awareness of liberty on the University of Toledo’s campus and was good for everyone.

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