University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County Mustache Day andLive National Debt Clock Event

On May 2nd, 2013 the Young Americans for Liberty of the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk Co, hosted an event focused on the spending of the american government. Every year, another club called the PRIDE club hosts a day at our campus called Mustache Day. Mustache Day is essentially a day that is in support of all of the groups on campus to showcase what there club is really all about but to also tie in the concept of mustaches. We figured that the best way to incorporate the concept with our event was “Pin the mustache on the President.”

Mustache Board

To show our non-partisanship, we put the last 6 presidents up on the board for students to place mustaches on: Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama. Students were then able to take fake mustaches and pin them on the faces of the person they thought was the biggest spender in the economy, and after they did the pinning we would show them some of the statistics about that specific president in terms of how much the national debt was raised, showing specifically expensive programs they agreed to fund.

Obama mustache 1

Obama mustache 2president mustache

We also wanted to showcase the national debt in the form of a clock, however we wanted to emphasize just how fast it is actually rising. So we decided that we needed an instantaneous updater. We used a 46″ flat screen tv and hooked it up to a laptop with the website running live zoomed in on the national debt itself. How fast it is rising absolutely shocked the campus and we definitely made waves because of it!

Whole Display

Side view

Walk by

Debt close up

All in all we were able to secure a very well traveled location for the event and were able to inform tons of passing students on the concepts of liberty and national debt. It was a great experience and I cannot wait till our next event!

Free Water

In addition to the awesome display we were able to hand out over 125 water bottles with advertisement for the chapter here and I am proud to see days after the event many students using them as there actual refillable bottles for school. Yay free advertisement!  

To be serious, though, this was just something I pulled from the YAL Resources tab, and it was cheap and easy to add on to the event. I encourage all chapters to check that out and use those tools to help your chapter succeed! 

I want to thank my chapter and everyone else who participated in the event and I want all you other chapters to steal ideas from us. This stuff really works, guys!

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