University of Wisconsin- Whitewater Involvement Fair

YAL-Whitewater had a great start to the year with an amazing first meeting and a fantastic table at the involvement fair. Our table was covered in constitutions that we had to keep restocking because of the multitudes of people asking for them. We also had ‘Liberty Pong’ which was a huge hit and provided us with a great opportunity to draw people in and then explain to them what we are. We had several people approach our table, seeking information on YAL, because they had heard a little about the organization and wanted to learn more. One of the best compliments we received was a girl who signed up and told us that she wanted to be a member because we seemed much more open and accepting than the other political groups on campus. One of the main things our president was emphasizing to everyone was that we are always respectful of everyone’s views. We went into the involvement fair with a goal of recruiting at least 15 new people, but we ended up with over 100 sign-ups which was notably higher than a lot of other organizations at the involvement fair. We are looking forward to our Constitution Day event this Monday and, as always, Making Liberty Win.

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