University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Recruitment Meeting

This week we kicked off YAL with a meeting dedicated to effectively recruiting new members with all of our current members. We spent the night preparing constitutions, flyers, and doing chalkings. We even managed to recruit a young man who accidentally wandered into the wrong classroom. Our Vice President, Ken, explained what YAL was and what we believe in and even explained who Rand Paul was. The guy said he would come to our YAL meeting next week and asked Ken to come to his student organization with him. It was a great example for all of our members of being personal and making connections. Our President, Andrea, created an excellent slideshow that highlighted key recruiting points, both online as well as in person. Tomorrow, September 13th, we look forward to Whitewater’s Involvement Fair where we will be handing out literature and making personal connections. Our goal is to recruit at least 15 members and get the word out about YAL to as many people as possible. We are all very excited to start this semester and ‘Make Liberty Win.’

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