University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Fall 2013 Constitution Week

The University of Wisconsin–Whitewater chapter of Young Americans Liberty is off and running for the start of the 2013 Fall Semester. A new generation of students has come in to the fold and is aiding to help rejuvenate the lackluster campus by spreading the message of liberty. With 10 new members signed up during the involvement fair, there is no lack of motivation to spread our message.

Constitution Week provided us the opportunity to get involved and hand out handfuls of pocket Constitutions to eager young students who, prior to us reaching out to them may have not been aware of the importance of the Constitution or the wide spectrum we are afforded because of it. Our new members are eager to get reach out to the student body and participate in the upcoming events.

We also had our first social event of the semester and had a great time firing up the grill and socializing outside of campus. We were afforded the opportunity to really get to know each other. Exchanging stories about where we were raised and what led us to become so passionate about views. We all agreed that it was time for a change in the political spectrum, a change that was not going to happen without our help.

The future of the liberty movement looks promising in Whitewater and we look forward to digging in and continuing the good fight!

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