UNLV Constitution Week

Free Speech Wall

On Monday, here at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, we set up the Free Speech Wall in Pida Plaza, which has the most foot-traffic on campus. MANY people came to write and read all the really thoughtful, witty, funny things on the wall. We also had a “Communal Microphone” on a stage where anyone could say anything they wanted. We even had spoken word and karaoke! 

Free Speech Wall 3

On Tuesday, we had Constitutional Law professor Dr. Ian Bartrum speak at our meeting. He was really knowledgeable. Also, everyone shared what they liked most about the U.S. Constitution or what it meant to them.

Then, a few of us protested outside of the Free Speech Zone, allegedly violating UNLV’s speech codes. However, even though the “authorities” were given an anonymous tip, they never came. On the bright side, we got plenty of exposure.

MeetingGuest Speaker: Dr. Ian BartrumWall at the MeetingOutside the Free Speech ZoneFree Speech Wall 2

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