UNLV YAL challenges campus free speech codes

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada had its first event of the the 2014-2015 school year after a few transitions in leadership. Several ideas were thrown around and eventually we decided on a free speech wall, placed halfway inside the UNLV free speech zone, and halfway outside.

Everyone loves free speech!

We hoped the school would harass us and allow us the opportunity to challenge the legality of speech codes on a public university. However, they were cordial enough to let liberty rule the day! We were also joined by Abe Alassaf, the regional director from Leadership Institute, who came with plenty of Constitutions to hand out to all our new friends!

Abe Alassaf from LI distributes Constitutions

We were surprised at the amount of solid quotes by Benjamin Franklin and others that UNLV students wrote on our wall. We also got several students who came over and wrote on our wall after participating in a nearby “die-in” to raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of police killings of unarmed citizens.

A UNLV student writes on the wall

But perhaps the highlight of the wall was a quote from a student who was a veteran, which hit dead on the consequences of our flawed foreign policy in terms of American blood & treasure.

Powerful message from a veteran

All in all it was an amazing day, we got plenty of sign-ups, and I’d consider this event the first major step toward making the UNLV chapter an active force on campus again!

Chapter leaders in action!

For Liberty, Brady Bowyer President – UNLV YAL

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