UNT Held a Memorial for the Constitution


The University of North Texas Young Americans for Liberty held a memorial for the Constitution on September 20th in one of the busiest areas of the university, attracting lots of attention.


 The memorial service was complete with formal attire, candles, a guest book to sign, balloons, a headstone, and tons of pocket Constitutions with eulogies for the 4th and the 6th Amendments, and slips for when and where our meetings are inserted inside them and tied with a bow and candy. A plethora of people stopped because they were intrigued by what our sign had to say and wanted to hear more. A surprisingly large amount of students agreed that they felt the government did not recognize or respect our constitutional rights. It gave our group hope that we can reach out to more liberty-minded people and begin to build a more unified front so we are better able to fight for our rights. 


This was one of our most successful events we have ever held and grabbed us a lot of attention on campus. None if this would have been possible without the grant from the Young Americans for Liberty!


The death of the Constitution was chosen to be 1798 because that was when the Alien and Sedition Acts went into affect. 

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