Up and Coming YAL Chapter: Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

This report from Corey Adkison, president of the enthusiastic new YAL chapter at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  It’s awesome to see this chapter so active, especially when compared to those on campuses of greater than 20,000 students.  Way to set the bar high!

Check out their group here.

This past Thursday our chapter had a bake sale displaying the problems with overregulation and taxation on American businesses. We created a price menu for “American made” cookies and “foreign” imports, we priced the domestic cookies at $1.50 per bag while foreign imports were $0.50 a bag.

When people came up and asked what the difference between the cookies were, we showed them a price guide showing the impact sin taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes, and the price of regulations had on our “domestic” cookies. We ended up making sixty-one dollars from the bake sale.


We also had an Operation Politically Homeless chart and had about forty-five people take the quiz.  Overall the scores were scattered, but we had about ten people score in the libertarian section, and about four more in the liberal or conservative borderline.


We collected about thirty emails for our email list and handed out twenty or so copies of Young American Revolution. This event brought five new members to our meeting later that evening, and we spoke with fifty to sixty people in total.  With school enrollment just around 1,000, I think it went a long way towards getting our name out to the school population.

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