UPDATE: Free Speech on Auburn Campus

Those of you who have kept up with the goings-on of Auburn’s YAL chapter will have heard about our efforts over the past year to collaborate with student rights group FIRE in attempt to have Auburn University’s outdated and oppressive speech codes rewritten.

As of this writing, we at the Auburn YAL chapter are happy to announce that, after several rounds of meetings and discussions with both representatives from FIRE and Auburn’s administrative staff, we are nearing the final revisions on a draft of the policy that would qualify Auburn University for a “Green Light” rating from FIRE, the highest rating possible in terms of respect for the 1st Amendment by the university. We believe this represents a tremendous victory for the principles of Liberty and Free Speech.

We are also in the process of working with the administration to reword its Student Conduct Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy so as to eliminate vagueness, ensuring that both students and faculty are clear on what these policies actually state. We are happy to say that the University has, thus far, been extremely cooperative with us on addressing these matters in a timely fashion.

We will continue to update our blog as any new developments arise.

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