Update from Indiana: Tom Woods Rejected AGAIN on a 2nd Lame Excuse

Tom WoodsI’ve posted here before about Indiana University-Bloomington’s ridiculous rejection of Dr. Tom Woods on the excuse that he lacked “sufficient academic credibility” — despite his degrees from Harvard and Columbia, authorship of NYT bestsellers, and position as a senior scholar at the Mises Institute.

Since then, YAL at IU-B has been working hard to raise the funds necessary to bring Woods to campus on their own.  For a while, it looked as if the university might be backing down.  Not anymore.  As the club’s president, Sam Spaiser, now explains, the lectures board denied a second request on the grounds that the club was “too prepared”:

The fact that we came prepared, had already contacted Woods and secured a date, proposed a schedule for the event, and selected (although not booked) a room, this caused the Lectures Committee to feel left out of the process.

Too well prepared?  Talk about perverse incentives.  At any rate, YAL at IU-B is still committed to bringing Tom Woods to campus.  And you can help!  Sam continued, “With all of your help and dedication, we’ve already raised $2225. However, we need $4000 to make this event a reality. Young Americans For Liberty at IUB needs YOUR help. Indiana University needs YOUR help. The message of liberty needs YOUR help. Please make a contribution HERE to help bring Tom Woods to IU Bloomington.

Click here for Sam’s full update, and please donate even a small sum if you are able!  IU students clearly need to hear Tom Woods’ free market message — because the university certainly has no intention of sharing it.

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