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The YAL President at Warsaw Community High School writes in with this report. He was dragged away from his class by administrators, intimidated, and asked to hand over his materials. We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses. You can read his account over at Ron Paul Forums. Here’s his report of what took place:

I’ll update when I get home from school. [Short version at the end]

Today, I had planned to pass out fliers exposing Obama as more of the same, in accordance to the Real Change Requires R3volution event. I sent a press release to my local newspaper. In my 5th period class, I was extracted by an administrator and escorted to his office. Prior to talking with me, he spoke with a few other administrators via walkie-talkie.

He then called me in, and asked me to explain why a Times-Union reporter would be coming to the school. I explained what I was doing, that I was intending to expose Barack Obama’s policies, and that I had never intended to attack his character or his family. Almost immediately, the administrator understood and was halfway on my side. He asked to see the materials that I was going to distribute, and I obliged. I once again explained that I had no intention to cause any disruption or anything like that.

He understood, but stuck to the idea that disruption was a distinct possibility, especially considering the historic day it is. He asked if I was involved in politics outside of YAL, to which I answered yes. I explained that I was a state delegate to the Indiana Republican Convention, and that I had campaigned for Ron Paul in Iowa. He seemed impressed and I think this reassured him that I was not there to cause any problems.

Still, he had to talk to the higher ups in my school corporation. I waited for a few minutes until one of the higher ups came in. He was much edgy with me. He seemed to think that the only reason I was demonstrating was to cause problems. He asked why I would invite the media to attend, as a rhetorical question. Instead, I answered and said that I thought they might like to report on young people’s interest in politics. I also reminded him that I had been in the paper a few times before for my interest in politics.

He still didn’t buy it, and remained very skeptical. He wasn’t necessarily rude, but he certainly wasn’t pleasant.

Finally, he asked for a copy of each of the materials that I was going to hand out. I obliged, because there was nothing wrong with the fliers. He then told me that they were going to keep the box of the materials. I understood the confiscation up to that point, but when I told them that I was going to pick the box of materials up after school, he didn’t like that idea. The lower administration official said that it was fine, with the understanding that I would not bring back the materials later on.

The higher up official said he was going to meet with other officials before making a decision to give me the box of materials back. He noted that as of right now, I could pick the box up after school… but that the decision might change after he presented the materials back to the school.

I was dismissed to lunch, with under 10 minutes to eat.. So now I am waiting for them to contact me again.

tl;dr I got my YAL materials confiscated. One adminstrator was nice about, the other, not so much. They said it might take days before I get the materials back, but they will decide when they meet with other administration officials. Currently waiting on them to contact me again.

I’m currently waiting on them to contact me.

P.S. The reason I was pulled from class, was that the Times-Union journalist came to the school. So, I would have gotten media attention had they just let this thing go… Now, the are going to attract more attention to this than they wanted. More people are going to ask what happened, and more people are going to ask about the organization (YAL). Additionally, I would be surprised if the media came to me to ask for an interview on what happened….

I’ll be sure to let you know how this pans out.

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