Update from the Stanislaus State YAL Chapter

My name is Keith Gordon and I am the Student Event Coordinator (SEC) for the CSU Stanislaus Young Americans for Liberty chapter. This is our second semester of being a recognized organization on campus, and these last two semesters have been very productive for us. The Stan State chapter was founded by Jonah Ledesma, our current president, and Eric Smith, our current treasurer, with a friend and I joining the club soon after. The club started as a small group but by having weekly meetings and reaching out to other students, we got many students on our emailing list as well as others who began attending our meetings regularly. After working through the process of becoming officially recognized by our university, we tabled frequently using the supplies provided to us by our parent organization. Tabling with these supplies, especially the free-speech ball (our personal favorite), is what really helped us gain attention on campus and recruit new members. Toward the end of our first semester, we held what we called a “Freedom Forum,” an event for the campus community to come to ask questions, discuss, and learn more about what Young Americans for Liberty stands for. This event was a success and we had a lot of fun hosting it. We are currently working on planning other events, and in the meantime we continue to table often in an effort to grow as a chapter and spread our message of liberty.

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