Update: Occupy the Concourse

The Auburn YAL chapter is pleased to announce that its recent “Occupy the Concourse” event was an extraordinary success!

Occupy the Concourse

This event featured several of our active members participating in a mock protest stationed squarely within the middle of campus, satirizing the “Occupy Wall Street” protests by drawing parallels between the redistribution of wealth and the redistribution of grade point averages. Members held signs with short quips such as, “Tax the GPA-Rich!”, and, “Nobody needs a 4.0!”, and were encouraged to improvise chants to shout at passersby, resulting in some thought-provoking(and arguably hilarious) dialogue. Examples of such gems included: “Down with the Dean’s List elites! “, “Graduation is a basic human right…Kind of.”, and thunderous chants of, “2.7’s! 2.7’s! 2.7’s! ”.

As was expected, “Occupy the Concourse” managed to elicit a multitude of different reactions from onlookers, ranging everything from quiet disapproval, to confusion, to laughter, to resounding agreement with the message of liberty behind the protest. At one point, we even garnered ourselves a one man counter-protest, as well as the interest of several potential new members.

John makes peace with the opposition.

We here at the Auburn YAL chapter thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to reach out and engage with our fellow students in an effort to help further the message of liberty, and hope to plan many more events like this in the near future! If you are interested in learning more about liberty, we will be hosting our first meeting of the new semester on Thursday, January 28 at 6:00 PM in Lowder Hall room 014. We hope to see you then!

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