UPDATED: Breaking Shoe’s Plus Video

Click here to see video of Iraqi Man Throw’s Shoe’s at President Bush in Iraq

President George Bush appeared at a Baghdad news conference today with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. However, not everyone was pleased to see Bush in Iraq. While speaking at the news conference, Bush ended up ducking a pair of shoes that were thrown at him. The unidentified man was quickly removed from the news conference by security officials. Later, Bush joked about the incident and said, “All I can report is a size 10.” In mid-eastern culture, hitting or slapping someone in the face with your shoe is one of the highest insults you could bestow on someone, if not the highest. If you watched the news when the US Soldiers helped the Iraqian people bring down the statue of Saddam in 2003, you would’ve seen the many Iraqi’s that were taking off their shoes and slapping the statue of Saddam on the face. I could almost make out what the Iraqi man was screaming as he was subdued. It sounded like he yelled, “Don’t tase me bro.” Read more here.

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