URGENT: YAL has 6 positions to fill NOW. If you are a qualified activist, apply TODAY!

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Election Day is only 21 days away.  YAL has 6 positions to fill NOW!

The 2010 elections are nearly here, and YAL needs 6 field staff for civic activism in North Carolina, Nevada, and Iowa immediately.  These positions must be filled within the week!

This is your call to step up and make a real difference right now.  Don’t just complain about unconstitutional government, endless wars, and mounting debt — do something!

It’s time to quit your current job, get off unemployment, move out of your mother’s basement, or take time away from school and WORK FOR THE R3VOLUTION!

Thanks to our generous donors, YAL has 6 full-time positions available to fill immediately.  Here are the details:

YAL has already hired three full-time staffers in North Carolina.  However, two more must still be hired as soon as possible.  With five full-time field staffers in North Carolina between now and Election Day, YAL will effectively network with young activists, educate voters on the issues, and organize volunteers. This may make all the difference!

To apply for a full-time field position with YAL, click hereThis is a paid position that provides free lodging and a travel stipend.

Contact Southeast Regional Director Jared Fuller with any questions.


Low in supply and high in demand, trained field staff are crucial right now in Nevada.

Due to significance and urgency of this need, YAL has already hired two full-time staffers, leaving us with three positions still available. This is a paid position for four weeks of intense field work. 

To apply for a full-time field position with YAL in Nevada, click here. Email jobs@yaliberty.org with any questions.


In addition to these positions in North Carolina and Nevada, YAL also has an urgent opening for a staffer in Iowa.  Apply here to work for the r3VOLution in this key primary state.

A handful of motivated individuals are needed to fill these 6 full-time positions NOW. This could be your opportunity to work full-time for liberty.

Please apply TODAY to work for the r3VOLution in North Carolina, Nevada, or Iowa!  YAL staff will review all applications and hire new staff within the week.

There is no time to lose before Election Day.  Submit your application now.

YAL is only able to support these initiatives with the generous support of our donors. Please help YAL expand our efforts between now and Election Day with a generous contribution.

If you have any questions, please apply first, then email jobs@yaliberty.org.

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S. — YAL is hiring 6 full-time, paid positions in North Carolina and Nevada right now. This is an opportunity for all qualified activists who want to make a direct impact in the 2010 elections.

Please apply now and send your resume to jobs@yaliberty.org.

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