Ursinus Activities Fair

Wednesday, September 6th kicked off the Ursinus College Activities Fair! YAL was one of more than 70 organizations that came out to offer their organizations to new students. Due to the poor weather, the event, which usually takes place on the scenic Olin Plaza, was moved indoors to Lower Wismer. 

We brought with us, the Membership Drive materials from YAL and made due with the cramped quarters by hanging signage on pillars and chairs.

Activities Fair Set Up President Hannah Engber

As alway with our Membership Drive, we bring a “Should It Be Legal to Sell…?” Poll with options like Alcohol, Guns, and Marijuana for students (and faculty!) to vote on. 

First Student Voting on the "Should It Be Legal To Sell?" PollCampus Safety Officer Looft Voting

The event was a huge success, after running out of pocket Constitutions, we had 30 first year students sign up for membership and to attend our first meeting on Thursday! 

We are looking forward to our first meeting as well as upcoming events for Constitution Day and Yaloween with our members, old and new!


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