Ursinus Activities Fair

Last Wednesday, September 9 was the 2015 Ursinus Activities Fair. It’s a campus-wide event where each club and organization can make their presence known to students. Ursinus YAL was present in full force, not only with our usual tabling literature such as pocket Constitutions, How to Deal with Police cards, and issues of Reason Magazine for perusal, but with a strategy to lure in some of the shier perspective Libertarians.

 Our Table  

The night before, the officers got together and created a sign to engage passersby. We created a visual tally poll entitled “Should it be legal to sell..?” for students to vote on various items, including guns, fireworks, soda, organs, marijuana, and alcohol. In the words of out college President Brock Blomberg who passed by, we were “getting a lot of yes’s!” For students who came by and marked yes for all of the categories, we handed them literature showing them that they supported the libertarian point of view and had them sign up for the club’s email list. For students who voted no, we tried to get their opinions and open discussion on why they thought that way and then convinced them to sign up for the club to attend debates to represent the opposition.

Our Officers: Me, Tom and Scott (in the Background)

We pitched the upcoming Free Speech Wall we have for Constitution Day festivities this coming Thursday, a trip to a local gun range, and the Pennsylvania state convention in the spring. In all we got 36 new students to sign up for our email list, and something in the ballpark of 400-600 votes on our poll.

Students Voting

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