Ursinus College Celebrates Yaloween with a Civil Liberties Graveyard

On Monday, October 26, 2015, Ursinus’ YAL chapter set out for Olin Plaza to display our Civil Liberties Graveyard. The graveyard required preparation including designing the tombstones with the civil liberties and packing bags of candy to hand out to students.  The importance of packing the bags of candy was to include in the baggie a handout with a description of all the civil liberties that are dying along with information about how to join YAL. The week prior we had some members meet together to help pack the baggies.  


Hannah, Scott, Kevin, Olivia, Veronica and Brendan volunteered to help pack the 100 baggies of candy. While we packed the baggies we also played Ron Paul 2012 debate clips on the projector to spark some fun conversation.  


The day of the event we successfully handed out 100 baggies of candy. We also engaged the students in conversation and informed them about the infringement of our civil liberties. Our civil liberties listed were, privacy, choice in education, choice in drugs and food, free speech, private property, and due process.  

Yaloween 2

We believe that we made a serious impact on campus because our student population is less than 1700 students. We handed out 100 baggies; that means 6% of the student population came in contact with our hand-out  explaining the civil liberties graveyard.  The point of today was to educate people that it is important to guard our civil liberties from big government.  


 All in all the day went well and we added several signups on to our member list of 130 students!

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