Ursinus College Joins in on Jeffrey Tucker Video Chat

On November 17 at 7 PM, Ursinus YAL gathered to take part in the Jeffrey Tucker video chat!

Ursinus listening to Jeff

We had 18 students in attendance for the chat. There were other schools across the country that took part in the chat as well.  Millersville, Houston, and Auburn were some of the other schools that were in the chat.

Jeff was talking to us from San Diego. The chat lasted about an hour and Jeff covered topics such as F.A. Hayek’s essays and Bitcoin. We learned about the history of Hayek and how important his ideas are. There were students in the room that also learned details about Bitcoin they had not known before.  Jeff also talked about Obamacare and that whenever the government tries to “fix” something it never works.

We also had the opportunity to ask Jeff questions, and we asked Jeff what his thoughts are on net neutrality. Jeff said his opinion on it is very similar to that of Obamacare and that government involvement is never good.

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