Ursinus College Promotes the 1st Amendment with a Free Speech Ball

On September 28th Ursinus College’s YAL Chapter set out to spread the message of free speech on campus. A lot of planning went into the event, and it could not have been accomplished without the help of all of our officers and members! I was actually not able to attend the event because I am currently student-teaching, so my officers got to run the show. In the picture below we have Hannah, Emily and Garrett! At 10 AM they started rolling the ball around on campus, mainly in Olin Plaza which is right in front of our dining hall. This area gets the most traffic on campus. From the pictures I saw later that day it looked like the ball was extremely popular and there was always a crowd around the ball. We brought speakers and played music making it a fun event for everyone. We got absolutely no push back from the administration, and we did not even have to register the event! As you can see in the second picture below, the President of Ursinus, Brock Blomberg is signing the ball.

Our officers took the opportunity to rack in the sign ups and educate others about the importance of free speech. They also promoted an event for that night. We were hosting the Deep Web screening. The turnout for that event could be attributed to the hard work we put in on the ground that day!

When I got back to campus to check out how the ball was doing it was raining. We had taken the ball inside the lobby of our dining hall and continued having more people interact with the ball. A storm was not going to stop Free Speech on Ursinus that day.  The event was incredibly successful!

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