Ursinus College Spring Recruitment Drive

Last week Ursinus College’s YAL chapter held their first recruitment event of the semester.  We set up a table inside our dining hall where there would be a lot of foot traffic.  Our team of officers set the table up with the recruitment kit supplied by YAL.  The South Park, The Office, and Ron Swanson posters were a hit and caught the attention of many people passing by.


We decided to spice the event up with a, “Should it Be Legal to Sell?” poster.  The poster’s purpose was to engage students on campus with questions about how the government should enforce laws on victimless crimes.  The poster included items such as marijuana, guns, fireworks, tobacco, and alcohol.  Students enjoyed filling out the poster and voicing their opinion.  We made sure to invite students to a discussion that night about due process rights and indefinite detention.  The event had a great turnout with 15 students in attendance to talk about the right to due process.

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