Ursinus Tackles Constitution Day 2015 with a Free Speech Wall

On September 17th Ursinus’ YAL chapter brought a free speech wall to campus. Our event first had to be planned out. We first had to make a Home Depot trip to purchase the supplies then build the wall. A few days before the event we were fortunate to be able to use the wood shop on campus to work on the wall. 



The construction of the wall went smoothly. It took us less than an hour to put the wall together. We improved on our design from last year by designing the legs of the wall, so that we would not need cinder blocks from keeping the wall tipping over. This year we made the legs support the wall evenly on both sides. 


The day of the event was a huge success. The wall was put up at 10:30 a.m. in front of Wismer, our dining hall. Within a couple of hours the wall was filling up very quickly. There were some conversations developing on the wall that were humorous while others were more intellectual.


Our chapter took the opportunity with all of the attention on the wall to hand out pocket Constitutions provided by YAL to celebrate Constitution Day and bring awareness to the fact that it is important for the government to follow the Constitution. We also got the interested students writing on the wall to sign up for our chapter and get them to come to our discussion that night about the Constitution and Free Speech.

Discussion 2

We brought the construction paper from the wall and hung it at the front of the room. The discussion was about things written on the wall and the importance of being able to express yourself freely without government regulation.  

All in all the day was awesome. We were able to have a great event during the day and a discussion at night that both contributed to spreading ideas of a Constitutional government that respects the Bill of Rights.

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