Ursinus YAL Takes a Field Trip to Snowden Live

On September 14th at 7:30PM Ursinus’ YAL chapter took a field trip to see the early release of the Snowden Movie. We took 3 car loads of people to see the movie. Our chapter held a screening for CitizenFour in the past, so we thought going to see Oliver Stone’s depiction of Snowden would be a great follow up. The movie was definitely different than CitizenFour because we got to meet Ed’s girlfriend, and many other important people people that influenced him. The movie was followed up with a Live Q&A with Edward Snowden, Oliver Stone, and the some of the cast. We definitely learned a great amount from the movie and the live Q&A. Attending this movie with a YAL chapter definitely builds chemistry among the members and provides an entertaining experience!

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