US Invades Somalia

Thanks to for the coverage — I’ve barely seen this mentioned anywhere else; even Google News is burying it among the lesser headlines.

Following confirmation by the French military that they definitely weren’t in the process of invading Somalia, the United States military is now confirming that it is, in fact, American forces that are pouring into the southern portion of the country in a helicopter-backed invasion.

US military officials confirmed to the Associated Press today that forces from the US Joint Special Operations Command had invaded the lawless African nation, and were the ones responsible for the attack on the tiny village of Barawe this morning that was the first staging ground of the attack.

Read more here.  Yay for what might be the beginning of another long, drawn out, unnecessary, bloody, expensive, bloody expensive, and altogether miserable war.  I can only hope and pray that it isn’t.  Three cheers for…freedom?

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